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Customized Porcelain Oval Tile


Size 6x8 cm  (2.5" x 3.125")


This can be purchased in either Color or Black and White


This price includes recessing your oval tile into the stone (see photos)


When your stone is being engraved, we will sandblast a hole for the oval to be recessed in to.


We will then use an industrial grade epoxy, as well as silicone to finish the installation.


When completed the tile is almost flush with the stone. 


Disclaimer: We do not recommend installing these on flat memorials.  Mowers and other equipment may ride over the stone once it's installed in the cemetery and damage the tile.


Once your purchase is made, please send a high quality image to


This will also increase the processing time for your order.  Allow at least two more weeks (up to 8 weeks total) from the time your stone order is placed.  Keep in mind that the sooner we receive your photo, the sooner we can complete your order.

Porcelain Oval Tile 6x8cm

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