Jet Black Memorial- Polished Top, Sawn Sides

Impact Etched Design - created using a diamond tip which strikes the surface of the stone rather than burning it. This leaves a deep impression in the polish that will last a lifetime

Size - 24x12x4"
Weight 140 lbs

Pick your design and font choice in the dropdown menu

Includes etching of Design/Name/Dates and epitaph and one free photo (single person)


This can be a single or companion stone at no additional charge.  If you'd like a companion, type in both names and dates when purchasing

Additional photos can be added for 75$ (photos of multiple people will cost more).  Please send the best quality photo you have. Please send your photo via email to .

Please type the name and dates as well as any added epitaph you'd like on your stone.

A mock up will be sent to you for approval with 4-5 business days. Once approved by you, the stone will be etched and shipped to your door in a custom crate

Etched Jet Black Flat Marker 2'x1'x4"