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Companion Wing Memorial (two person upright)


This is a total of 5 pieces


(2) L16" x W4" x H14" Wings 100 lbs each


(2) L20" x W8" x H6" Bases (sawn joint on both) 120 lbs each


(1) 4x4x9" Gray Tapered Vase to place in center 10 lbs


Included in the price is engraving of the Design, and  (First, M.I., Last Name and Birth/Death Dates of both people)


Any additional lettering is $2.50 per letter.


Pick one of four design options


Wings are Polished on front/back, rough sides with sawn bottom.

This stone may be shipped via freight or UPS ground

Total weight 450 lbs

Companion Wing Memorial (4 designs)

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