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Companion Wing Memorial (two person upright)
This is a total of 5 pieces
(2) L16" x W4" x H14" Wings 100 lbs each
(2) L20" x W8" x H6" Bases (sawn joint on both) 120 lbs each
(1) 4x4x9" Gray Tapered Vase to place in center 10 lbs

* Included in the price is engraving of the (First, M.I., Last Name and Birth/Death Dates)* Any additional lettering is $2.50 per letter.
Pick one of four design options
Wings are Polished on front/back, rough sides with sawn bottom.
Bases are Polished on Top, rough sides (1 side sawn) sawn bottom.
**the base for this stone is cut in half to be shipped via UPS**
leveling and caulking will be necessary when installing

Total weight 450 lbs

Companion Wing Memorial (4 designs)