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Welcome to our site.  We offer headstones and vases at a fraction of what you would pay at a retail shop.  We can do this because we are based in the granite capital of the world. There is no MIDDLE MAN.  We will strive to make this tenuous process as smooth as possible.  If you have questions please call or email us.


Granite Bench
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2017-03-01 12.26.02.jpg
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2015-08-29 19.22.23.jpg
2015-08-20 16.10.54.jpg
2015-09-01 19.13.17.jpg
2015-08-20 16.09.34.jpg
2015-05-21 17.10.43.jpg
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2014-09-03 13.04.13.jpg
2014-09-03 13.04.26.jpg
2014-03-12 18.07.42.jpg
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2014-08-20 15.08.01.jpg
2014-10-25 10.45.44.jpg
2014-10-07 16.20.08.jpg
2014-03-07 14.36.25-1.jpg
2014-02-17 14.01.18.jpg
2014-03-07 14.35.37.jpg
2014-03-07 14.38.31.jpg
2014-09-16 15.03.24.jpg
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USW slideshow 2014

Purchase granite headstones, vases, and artwork at the most affordable prices on the net.  Your order will be customized to your liking and shipped to your door.

We now offer etched memorials in addition to our engraved products.  

What We Do

 Purchase granite headstones, vases, and footstones at the best prices on the net and have them shipped directly to your home or cemetery. Our business customizes memorials, foot-stones, vases, and decorative work to your liking.  These insured stones can be shipped anywhere in the contiguous U.S.A. All of our stones ship free. (smaller packages can be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories for an additional charge.) As a customer, you can take advantage of the fact that you'll be dealing directly with the creator of your stone.  This vital detail prevents errors on your order, and establishes a trust relationship you won't find anywhere else.  If you have a problem we'll take care of it.  Rest assured you can buy with confidence.  Check out what some of our customers have said about us  

We specialize in:


Who We Are

Upstate Stone Works was founded in 2012 at a local Farmer's Market.  After a year, we also began an online campaign trying to reach a larger audience.  As our business grows we offer larger inventory and more services, such as On-site engravings in cemeteries, addition of impact etched and ceramic photos and installation of any of our markers for local customers.  Our success guarantees our customers the benefit of even better prices.  To our online customers we specialize in customized grass markers, dies, hearts, slant memorials, vases & artwork.  We strive to excel in quality products and customer service because we know that our patrons are the reason we're here.

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